The Last Delivery Driver


Story of Adrian Kuldell—a non-autonomous Vehicle operator with a fleet of Vehicles that he manages with his AI, Chip.

Book Overview

Post a civil war that has redefined the United States of America.

The story joins with Adrian Kuldell ten years after the newly formed boundaries of America and the Bear Republic.

Adrian is a dying breed in the newly formed country of Texas. He’s a NAVO, a non-automated vehicle operator, a lone delivery driver, on a quest to save his struggling family’s fleet business that his parents built—that he has taken over after their deaths.

With the help of his AI, Chip, we follow Adrian into the saga of a more extensive, more complex existence of covert operations that intermingle with government, the tech-industrial complex, and dueling ultra-rich moguls.

He must uncover his more rooted connection to understand his biggest question—what happened to his parents?


Sci-fi, Adventure, Mystery, Thriller

Release Date

October 9, 2021


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Amazon Kindle, Paperback, Hardcover

Meet Adrian’s Fleet of Vehicles

To classify as a NAVO, Adrian must maintain a fleet of 10 vehicles. The roles and types of cars vary for Adrian, from a work truck to an ultra-fast speeder capable of reaching 200 mph. It’s an independent fleet in a largely corporatized industry. Adrian programs his AI, which controls the day-to-day actions, but they’re falling on tough times as their business is declining. What will Adrian do to keep it going and preserve his parent’s legacy?

14 Chapters spanning 20 years

The story begins in 2029 as the new boundaries for the United States are being settled. Two men are on a mission to infiltrate an ultra-rich mogul’s compound near Yellowstone with an advanced drone capable of taking multiple shapes.

After chapter one, you’re delivered into 2039 with Adrian on the morning of a NAVO delivery in his hometown, Houston, Texas. His girlfriend Chloe is over and she’s wanting to go along for the ride. Will you go to?

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