What are the Countries of The Last Delivery Driver? The Complete Beginner’s Guide

by cactiweb

It’s Flag Day, and what better way to introduce the countries of the new novel by KC Kenedy, The Last Delivery Driver, than through the flags represented in the story? This is the first time unveiling these flags, so I must express a ton of gratitude to skwirelle, a talented vexillologist, a maker, and a studier of flags, for contributing to this project. 

The context of these flags is the United States of America, 10-20 years from now, has gone through a civil war and is divided into four countries. The first new nation is a federation of western states that form The Bear Republic (BR). This secession, at first, doesn’t spawn a civil war, but as more states join the BR, fighting breaks out, and the civil war begins. After the dust settles, a couple of additional countries, Texas and Ameridonia, form to round out the new nations of America.

The main character of Ep.1 Broken Fences, Adrian Kuldell, is located in Houston, Texas. The story starts three years after Texas became an independent nation in 2036. To dive more into the new countries of the Last Delivery Driver, pick up the new book on Amazon. Available via Kindle or paperback

Is there still the USA?

Yes and no. Officially the name of the United States of America is no more. But, the institutions and government of the USA carry on in a slightly altered, rebranded—America. 

Like, Facebook removing the ‘The.’ United States of America is removing the ‘United States’ in response to losing states, tainting the united angle. America leans into its patriotic history with a rival on the other coast. It clings to its original red, white, and blue design scheme. 

America Flag

The American Flag (2039) Breakdown

Thirteen red and white stripes from the original USA flag symbolize the original thirteen colonies that seceded away from Britain and declared independence during the Revolutionary War. Red symbolizes hardiness and valor. White symbolizes purity and liberty. 

A diagonal blue background design represents vigilance, perseverance, and justice. It’s where you’ll find the stars for the remaining states in the union, 39 to be exact, in 2039. 

An American Great Seal eagle holding arrows and an olive branch is the center of the new flag. At the center of it is a single star. The words above, E Pluribus Unum – Latin for “Out of many, one.”

Bear Republic

Out west, a new nation emerges. With California as its cornerstone, the Bear Republic is born. They adopt the bear imagery for their flag but add 11 new stars with some updated color schemes. 

The original grizzly bear flag was created by Peter Storm. A version of this bear flag, designed by William L. Todd, was raised in Sonoma, California, in June 1846 by the men who became known as the “Bear Flaggers.” This Bear Republic flag’s early-version flies first in Sonoma, following in the footsteps of the Bear Flaggers and becomes a symbol of revolutionaries who seek to depart from the USA. 

Bear Republic Flag

The Bear Republic Flag (2039) Breakdown

Eleven white stars symbolize the new states that seceded from the USA around the Second Civil War into the Bear Republic. 

Its color scheme is an homage to old glory—red, white, and blue, mixed with a bright orange (sun) silhouetted by the bear to represent a bright, new future. 

Below the bear, in Irish green, are the words’ Bear Republic’ that appear like the words California Republic flag from the California state flag.


As the second civil war nears its end, one territory is still disputed in 2029. The area around Yellowstone National Park, which includes Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana, is equally claimed by the Bear Republic and America. 

The Last Delivery Driver Ep.1, chapter one, begins in this area months before it officially becomes a new, neutral country. 

With the help of allies worldwide, Ameridonia emerges as a sovereign nation to bring the Great Settlement to be. 

By 2039, it’s a bustling natural tourist destination that embraces the great Americana culture that treasured the great geothermal features and protected it with National Parks.

It’s also home to some of the world’s wealthiest individuals and companies. Its banking-friendly status rivals Switzerland’s system.  

Ameridonia Flag

The Ameridonia Flag (2039) Breakdown

A white buffalo with a Maltese cross in two squares of the flags. With a yellow heraldic eagle and four fleurs on a navy-blue background.


This ain’t Texas’ first rodeo at being independent. The first time was over 200 years earlier, when it declared independence from Mexico after defeating Santa Anna at the Battle of the San Jacinto. In fact, the new flag for Texas is currently the 8th flag to fly over the area. The American flag, the U.S.A. flag, the Lone Star flag, the Confederate flag, the French flag, the Mexican flag, and the Spanish flag flew before it.

The bicentennial campaign by Texas Independists pushed for sovereign status during the second civil war. Still, nearly a decade after that period, enough political will had formed to leave the former USA. 

Texas boasts a top 10 economy worldwide and has experienced significant population growth with its ‘open-to-growth’ plan. It has been an ally and mediator of the Bear Republic and America, giving it the nickname, The Middle Nation. 

Texas Flag

The Texas Flag (2039) Breakdown

The Lone Star is at the center of this new nation’s flag. Formerly known as the Lone Star State, the attitude of self-reliance and freedom is amplified as a new nation. The new banner is evenly divided into red and blue. 

Red represents the bravery of the people who fought for Texas. White represents purity. Blue represents the loyalty of Texans.

Two canons overlapped below the star with olive branches wrapped around the sides represent the peace and combat approach of the country. The canon is symbolic of the ‘Come and Take It’ flag used during the Texas Revolution.


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